Among the old shops of Santo Stefano di Camastra, in 1956, the young man Nicolò Giuliano began his precocious career as a ceramist. Nicolò is just five years old, the ones that are enough for those who carry the gift of art in their soul when they are immediately
enraptured by the beauty of ceramics. In these years, Nicolò was taught by the artisan Edoardo Fratantoni, famous ceramist who
noticed in him a great talent. Nicolò will always remember him. Everything begin, in Santo Stefano di Camastra, he understand the secrets and
techniques of the great masters of ceramics. He models and paints. He watches and studies. He travels. In 1970 a great adventure begins. He moved to Monreale and on the slopes of the majestic Cathedral, he was struck by his beauty, he began the construction of his
company, creating at the same time a school for potters. Nicolò Giuliano knows that a steep road awaits him and that there will be difficulties, but
thanks to so many sacrifices, to his total abnegation and to the encouragement of his wife Pina, in a very short time the factory begins to flourish and his name expand locally and nationally. Starting in 1995, the brand Nicolò Giuliano Ceramiche marks a stage of fundamental importance in its history, in fact they joined the company: Alessandro Giuliano, who has been linked to the company since he was a child and with his passion and constant
dedication has contributed to making Nicolò Giuliano Ceramiche known throughout the world as company manager, Daniele Giuliano as an expert in colors and glazes, as well as creative of many of the company successful products, and Elisabetta Giuliano in charge of image and communication. In the meantime, the factory has also become a precious museum, unique in its kind and in the entire regional territory. Over time, Nicolò Giuliano's activity also developed in the direction of promoting the culture of ceramic art. Nicolò Giuliano, in fact, was the promoter of the inclusion of
Monreale as a city of ceramic belonging to the AICC (Italian Association of Ceramic Cities). Among the most prestigious works created by Nicolò Giuliano in recent years, there is the coat of arms of the President of the Italian Republic, Hon. Prof. Sergio Mattarella, currently kept in his private residence at the Quirinale. Furthermore, in recent years, Nicolò Giuliano has created and donated various monumental works for the Prefecture of Palermo, Arma
dei Carabinieri, the Police, the Italian Army, the Presidency of the Sicilian Region and the Municipality of Monreale. In 2022 the Minister of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti confer him as national councilor of the ceramic sector and in the same year Nicolò Giuliano became the President of the ceramists in Sicily. In 2023 Nicolò Giuliano's factory celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of his foundation in Monreale which it celebrates with the publication of the autobiographical book "The red truck" written with his friend Francesco Lombardo. The President of the Italian Republic, in 2023, awarded Nicolò Giuliano the honor of Cavaliere al merito della Repubblica Italiana. Today, after so many sacrifices, Nicolò Giuliano's ceramics are famous all over the world and his name is linked to the history of international ceramics.