Nicolò Giuliano
I think it is also nice to know the beginning of this adventure, all jealously preserved in my memory. I was about five years old when the “Madonna” is celebrated in September in Santo Stefano di Camastra, my home town. The town was transformed into a fair full of stalls. I was hit by a pickup truck and asked my mother to buy it. My mother replied: "son, we don't even have the money to buy bread and you ask me for the toy." Going back home there was a workshop of artisans who produced vases and I asked for some clay. With clay I made the truck and tied it to a rope, so I carried it around the streets of the town. My cousin, who was named like me and was much older than me, began to cry because he wanted the pickup truck. In the end I gave it to him. My mother, observing what I had achieved, she realized these abilities and the next day she took me to a craftsman's shop. He was observing me while I was modeling the clay, said: "Lady, leave the child here." So it was that I stayed there for many years. At the age of twelve I was in charge of the sculpture and decoration part. I have to thank my teacher who followed me closely, giving me all secrets and advice in the field of ceramics; Today I am very devoted to him thank you very much! If I think about my artistic history, I also have to thank all my clients. Without their advice and encouragement, I would not have achieved certain goals. you must always be positive, never think of the negative otherwise you cannot achieve beauty and as the Greeks did which healed themselves with the art and as Dostoevskij said, beauty will save the world, I am sure that this beauty is needed today. My work has given me in all these years both difficult moments and also moments of great joy and great satisfaction. The real satisfaction is to be able to achieve everything I've always dreamed of.
La nostra Azienda
In 1970 a new great adventure begins, Nicolò Giuliano moved to Monreale and on the slopes of the majestic Cathedral, he was struck by its beauty, he began the construction of his company, creating at the same time a school for potters. Many sacrifices, many nights spent working, while my little children were at home. The constant encouragement from my wife Pina was crucial; the factory in a short time begins to bloom and its name to expand locally and internationally.
In 1990 Nicolò Giuliano ceramiche marks a fundamental stage in its history; My sons, Alessandro and Daniele, join me to carry on the company. Alessandro, who is in charge of business management, has transformed this love for the company, which he had since childhood. Daniele, I call him an alchemist. His ability to create colors and his knowledge of glazes allowed us to create new products and colors like the green Lampedusa and the green mill. In the end Elisabetta with his photographs, managed to capture the beauty of the colors and shape.

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